International Bookselling

Our superior service supplying higher-education books and academic publications has a proven quality track-record for 30 years. Our efficient order implementation along with our time-tested rapid and reliable delivery has established our widespread reputation and edified 100% client confidence and customer satisfaction.

Journal Subscription Service

Regent has facilitated journal subscriptions, both combined and online for a plethora of institutions and organizations further allowing them to remain at the cutting edge of academic developments and continuous education.

Bespoke Consultancy

Regent provides customized advice and consultancy for new libraries, departments and faculties requiring building an effective and needs-based curriculum or archive of the premier and bestselling adopted titles and publications befitting the subject range. We also provide consultancy tailoring the specific resource material for specialized courses and consortiums.

E-Book Solutions

Ensuring that libraries and institutions are kept abreast of the latest surge in digital content provision, Regent is able to facilitate platforms for e-book requirements tailored to the needs of each organization.

Internal Language Skills

Collectively the in-house team at Regent Book Supplies is able to engage in correspondence in a variety of languages namely, Swahili, Gujrati, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Persian, French and Spanish.